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8 Rules Of Etiquette You Need To Know When You Are Dining At A Restaurant

Good manners while dining is more than just simple manners at the table. If you happen to be invited to a restaurant and find yourself lost, do not worry. Here, I have 8 etiquettes that will make your dining joy a sophisticated joy.

1. The host must always pay. If you have done the inviting then you need to pay the bill regardless of your gender. There should be never be a fight on the table over who is to pay the bill. If the male guest insists on paying the bill despite the female's efforts, then she must let him go ahead and pay.

2. Think of 'BMW' in order to recollect where the plates and glasses go. 'BMW' stands for bread, the meal and the water. On the left side of the table is the bread plate, the meal in the middle and glass of water is always on the right side of the table.

3. Always remember to place a napkin on your lap before beginning to eat. Place a napkin on your lap when eating to avoid dirtying your clothing. The table should be closest to you and the napkin should be half folded.

4. Do not put your purse, mobile phone or keys on the table. Placing any of these things on the table will cause distractions not only to your dinning companions but also to your waiter and the entire restaurant too.

5. When in need of something ask the person nearest to you to pass it. Do not stretch yourself and try to reach for something on the table. Instead, ask the person near it to pass it.

6. Keep your mouth closed while chewing the food. Take small bites and eat slowly so as not to make your mouth look stuffed. After each bite, place the spoon, folk or knife your using back to the plate. Do not also speak with food in the mouth.

7. Fetch your food from the plate to your face, not your face to the food in the plate. Avoid leaning over the plate and instead sit upright while making bites from the spoon. Do not drink directly from the soup bowl, use a spoon instead.

8. Avoid calling out the waiter. Calling out may distract other people in the restaurant. Make eye contact with the waiter and try to signal what you need. If he/she does not get your attention, raising your hand will do better.

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