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Products That Will Bring You Maximum Benefits When Eaten Together

Apples and dark chocolate

The enzyme catechin contained in apples and the antioxidant quercetin can do wonders together by enhancing immunity, stimulating brain activity, improving the heart and blood vessels and reducing the risk of getting cancer.

Oatmeal and freshly squeezed orange juice

The combination of this two are excellent sources of phenols, meaning that they improve the digestive system and help to clear the body of waste products and toxins.

Pork and Brussels sprouts

It is too fatty eating pork on daily basis, but it contains selenium, which inhabits the growth of cancer cells. Serving pork dishes with Brussels sprouts, they contain an organic substance called sulforaphane, which increases the effectiveness of selenium 13 times.

Tomatoes and liver

Lack of iron in the body leads to malaise, chronic fatigue, lowered metabolism rate and problems with the heart and blood vessels. But the iron in the liver cannot be absorbed well without vitamin C, that’s why it should be combined with tomatoes because they contain ascorbic acid.

Parsley and lemon

This products goes splendidly together, the iron present in in the greens improves absorption of vitamin C into the bloodstream. The vitamin in responsible for strengthening the immune system and improving metabolism.

Avocado and spinach

Spinach contains vitamin A and lutein, but the ingredients will have significant effects on our health when combined with the useful vegetable fats in the avocado. It will lead to an improvement in our digestive system.

Green tea and lemon

The combination of these two is a wonderful way to quench thirst and replenish energy. Green tea contains catechins which are responsible for longevity and strong immune system. Adding a lemon, a vitamin C will increase the tea’s effect several times over.

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