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Nutritious Natural Spices That Will up Your Cooking Game

Natural spices are dried and ground herbs that adds delicious flavour when added to food. Dried spices are stronger than fresh herbs however they can't be stored for long because they loose their strength quickly.


Allspice is a natural spice that tastes like a combination of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. It is used in savoury and sweet food like pumpkin desserts and baked Cakes to add a unique flavour.


It is made from dried orange and red peppers. There come in different varieties ranging from mild to hot. Paprika goes well with root vegetables, eggs, roast meat, sauce and rice.


They give a sweet flavour to chicken, breads, pork and beverages.


Cardamom contains a strong flavour hence should be added in small amounts. It is mostly used in rice, pastries, and puddings.


Cayenne or red pepper is made from tropical chilies . Its available in different varieties hence widely used in African, Chinese, Asian and Indian cuisines to add mild heat in dishes.


 It adds sweet fruity flavour to stews, soups, curries and beef.


Commonly used in baked food , beverages, smoked meats, sauces and curries. They can be ground or used as whole and later removed when food is ready. Consider using them in small portions because of their strong flavour especially in Chicken. 

Fennel seeds

They give sweet and mild flavour to dishes like fish, meatballs, sausages and sauces

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