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Breakfast Ideas: How to Prepare Egg and Potato Omelet perfectly.

Breakfast Ideas: How to Prepare Egg and Potato Omelet perfectly. 

Do you ever wake up and wonder what you will eat for your breakfast? Well, there are several meals you can prepare to accompany your coffee or tea. These meals are simple and quick to fix. 

An egg omelet is one of the simple meals you can try to prepare today for your breakfast. To prepare it, you need the following ingredients. 

-Tomato (seedless)

-Grated raw potato, 

- Dhania, hoho, onions

- Two tablespoons wheat flour

- Eggs

Method of preparation. 

1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them apart from eggs. 

2. Whisk your eggs separately in another bowl until they are foamy. 

3. Mix your eggs with the other ingredients and continue whisking. 

Note, always use a non-stick pan to prepare your omelet. 

4. Brush some oil on your pan. Pour your mixture and allow it to cook at a low temperature. Turn it on the other side to cook. Remove it from fire and enjoy it as a day snack or for breakfast. 

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