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Here are Some Parts of the Chicken which are Unhealthy to Eat

Chicken is liked by many and eaten by many people due to its taste and it's health.The chicken if prepare well it tastes delicious you can like it so much. It's meat is in a category of white meat which best in the overall health and can be eaten by any person. Chicken has a relatively low cost compared with other meat and in the West it's recognized as healthier than red meat due to its lower concentrations of cholesterol and saturated fat. Its cooked in many ways like you can boil , prepare grilled chicken, fried chicken,steamed, baked, and others depending on the way you like it.

The chicken even thou it's health to the body, they way it can be cooked can affect your health. Some parts of the Chicken can turn out to be not good for your healthy especially if the parts of meat are consumed too often, can pose a risk to health.

So, what are the parts of the chicken body that are unhealthy to consume.

According to my opinion the stomach, the small and large intestines and other organs like lungs and and the reproductive system should be avoided completely. Like lungs of the chicken are easily affected when the chicken is sick.The gizzard should also be avoided but I know people like it due to its taste. Don't eat the head but if you like it you can eat it it's ok.

The heart of the chicken and the gizzard usually need to be cooked well and slowly to make them tender. You can fry the gizzard if you like it instead of eating it boiled since it's delicious when fried.

This was just my opinion but if you like eating them you can do it. Thank you and please follow for more updates.

Content created and supplied by: Carolkerry (via Opera News )


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