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4 Delicious But Deadly Foods That Can Kill You


The Ackee plant is native to West Africa, and is also cultivated in Jamaica, where the ripened fruit is a particularly delicious local favourite. It’s part of Jamaica’s national dish, ackee and saltfish, and has a buttery, creamy texture and mild taste. However, if ackee is picked before fully ripening, it can contain toxic levels of hypoglycin A, which may cause vomiting, hypoglycemia, and even death. Its seeds are also poisonous. 

2.Puffer fish

The good thing about puffer fish (also called blowfish or fugu) is it already looks inedible and dangerous. Its skin and organs are incredibly poisonous. When eaten, the toxin called tetrodotoxin can paralyze your muscles, and cause death due to asphyxiation, according to information from the National Institute of Health. 


One of the most common allergies is to peanuts. The most severe response is anaphylaxis, which can lead to severe constriction of the airways, shock, and even loss of consciousness. It is dangerous enough to cause death if left untreated, so know your allergies before stepping anywhere near these babies or their addictive friend, peanut butter.


While this one sounds a little exotic, elderberries are commonly used in jams, wines, and teas. All of this is surprising considering their seeds and leaves contain fatal levels of the cyanide-producing glycoside.

If the fruit is not strained correctly or is too unripe when used to make your jam or wine, you could be looking at severe nausea and potential coma, or even death.

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