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Why Every Kenyan Must Avoid Eating This Deadly Fruits In Large Amounts

Fruits are among other foods that are largely consumed by Kenyans. They are rich in vitamins which are essential for body immunity. However, some fruits contain toxins that may lead to death if consumed in large amounts. Manchineel and Elderberries are among the fruits that should be avoided due to their toxic levels.

Manchineel is Cariribean and Mexican native fruit. It looks tasty and loved by many people, but can be lethal once consumed. Manchineel causes oral and esophageal ulcerations. It may also lead to severe edema.

According to reports by an authentic research, toxins from manchineel can cause cervical pain if they reach the lymph nodes. Skin blistering, inflammation and burns are the post effects of the white sap from Manchineel tree.

Elderberries contain glycoside poison that is very harmful to the body. The berries are commonly used for making tea, wine and jams. The poisonous elements will to a greater extend claim 2 to 5 lives in a group of 100 people consuming the fruit in excess. Glycoside is present in this plant’s leaves, twigs and seeds. It creates cynide that may cause pain when orally ingested.

Some common symptoms of elderberry poisoning include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Extreme cases can result in coma and eventually death. Kenyans should be cautious of such fruits to avoid any casualties.

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