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How To Cook Tasty Managu

By Consolata Lukayu.

•What You Need.

2 bunches of Managu vegetables.

1 red onion.

Mik cream (to taste)

1 knorr cube

Salt(to taste)

•lets Cook.

Plunch the leaves off the stalks.

Wash the vegetables and make sure to remove all soil/dirt.

Boil the vegetables for 30_40 minutes until tender.

Drain all the water out.

Dice the onion and tomato.

In apan,fry the onion in vegetable oil until it's soft.

Add the tomato and seanon with salt and 1knorr cube.

When the tomato has softened,add the Managu.

After 5minutes add cream/milk and cook for another 10minutes.

Serve as an accomplishment to any meal, though it goes down really well with ugali.

Next time you go to the market,treat yourself to a bunch,or two, of Managu and remember,fried/boiled green vegetables contain more usable iron than raw vegetables.

It can be bitter in tastes, though there are ways you can go around the bitteness.To reduce the bitterness, you could allow the cooked vegetables to rest for a few days before serving.

Content created and supplied by: Consylukayu (via Opera News )

Cook Managu


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