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Find Out 'Real' Meaning Of PK In Full

Kenya boasts of a numerous types of chewing gums in the market including Juicy fruit, Fesh, Tropical and Skittles. However the unique and sweet flavour that P.K possesses, has always left many in awe and asking themselves what exactly the abbreviation even stands for.

Apparently, the revolutionary pepper-mint that was customized in pellet form captured many people's hearts and became a favorite in 1925 at Australia. This prompted it's name PK after the then company's Chief Executive Officer, Mr Phillip Knight Wrigley which fell in line with the regulators slogan "packed tight, kept tight"

Today, PK is spread across many countries in the world and still has a blue liquorice variety which keeps it strong in the mint market. One major benefit of the gum towards boosting an eloquent healthy lifestyle, lies in it's ability and effectiveness in preventing cavities.

For so long as it remains sugarless, chewing a pellet of PK for 20 minutes after a meal can in fact help to protect the teeth by eliminating a food debris while increasing saliva flow, which in turn strengthens the tooth enamel since we carry phosphate calcium in them.


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