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PHOTOS: Highly Delicious Kenyan Meals

Kenya is a very ethnically rich nation and each ethnicity happens to have its own sort of unique identifying dishes. There are a number of these meals which are known almost by all Kenyans despite being originally eaten a certain group of people. In most cases, they are recommend all visitors especially tourists who are interested in tasting samples of these delicacies. Photo: Courtesy

1. Nyama Choma

Nyama is basically a Swahili word for meat while choma is a verb meaning burn. Basically, this referred to roasted meat. This meal is plenty in Kenyan hotels and comes in varieties of either beef, goat, chicken or pork. It is usually accompanied ugali which is a ‘caked’ corn flour meal and small pieces of onion, coriander, tomato & chilli all mixed up usually referred to as kachumbari. Other people prefer taking it with a cold soda or beer.

2. Swahili dishes

When you travel to the coastal towns such as Mombasa, Malindi and Kilifi, there is plenty of Swahili delicacies as well. For a start, there’s pilau, which is spicy rice with chunks of meat. There is biriani, another variation of rice but without the pilau masala and meat in it. And there is also a plenty of very sweet small sized fish straight from Indian ocean.

3. Fish

This is a common meal in the western side and Nyanza. Places neighboring the lake also have a variety of larger fish especially tilapia, even smaller ones we call omena or sardines. There is also plenty of traditional greens like vegetables such as mrenda, spinach and terere.

4. Githeri Photo: Courtesy

Central Kenya communities happens to have an interesting food type called githeri. Githeri is ideally boiled maize and beans that are mixed up in a pot. Some eat it after just boiling but its best when fried with some onions, tomatoes and meat. Adding spices such as coriander and chilli in it makes the meal excellent. Photo: Courtesy

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