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The World's Largest Sweet Banana Which Is The Size Of A Newborn Baby (PHOTOS)

Nature is always full of surprises which human beings have never been able to modify nor tamper with.

There are different types of fruits in the world, with the banana being the most delicious and nutritious of all.

Banana growing is done across the world with some countries including Uganda and Nigeria known of appreciating the fruit as their staple food.

Banana plantations are known to be sizeable, but in Papua a sweet banana tree is so enormous such that a leave measures 2.5 metres long.

Other than the 2.5 metres long leaves, the size of a ripe banana is estimated to be that of a newborn born, this is so amazing.

It is believed that a person requires strong arms to be able to support and eat the banana, while children require support to be able to eat one.

Take a look at some photos of the amazing banana:

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