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Please Beware, Check Out Common Nigerian Foods That Can Causes Cancer

We are masters in delicacies in Nigeria; we know how to prepare foods that are really tasty using traditional methods. One surprising fact is that, while the majority of our regional cuisines are delicious, some of them appear to pose substantial health risks, such as cancer. Cancer is deadly yet we still don't have a cure for it. It is advised to avoid or drastically restrict your consumption of these foods.

Suya meat isn't good for you.

Suya is a traditional Nigerian dish. It's made by first roasting raw beef and then flavoring it ( like oil, salt, pepper and maggi). Suya is well-known for causing liver cancer. When used in excess, it has also been shown to induce lung cancer.

This is due to the fact that the meat is not fully cooked during the roasting process. Roasting the seasoning (often Sodium Glutamate in popular'maggi') is also harmful to the liver.Better we protect our health early for us to live long.

Garau garau has the potential to cause cancer.

Another type of Nigerian meal that is popular in the north is this. This cuisine is actually rather tasty, in fact, while I was in Kano, I ate it every day. It's made by cooking white rice and beans, then serving it with groundnut oil, raw ground pepper, and raw maggi Sodium Glutamate.

Why is this diet cancer-causing? While Sodium Glutamate can cause cancer on its own, consuming it raw quadruples the risk: it's like eating raw maggi. Raw pepper is also present in this dish, which is hazardous to one's health.

Boiling the pepper before drying it and then cooking the maggi with the rice can actually make the cuisine safer.Take causion.

Fish that has been smoked is hazardous.

This is primarily used to make wonderful stew, but due of the long roasting period, it is also cancer-causing. Smoke contains carbon (iv) oxide as well as a small amount of carbon monoxide, a deadly combination when swallowed.

In general, any food that has been roasted and smoked, or that has been seasoned with raw seasoning, is considered carcinogenic. Adding too much seasoning to a nutritious item can really make it unsafe. Too much seasoning can cause high blood pressure in addition to cancer. You have been forewarned avoid this foods and be safe.Thank you for reading this article.

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