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How To Cook Ugali

Ugali is a popularly consumed among African countries, that is, Ubugali ( Burundi, DR Congo, Sudan, South Sudan , Rwanda), moteke (RDC), Busima (Uganda),Ugali in Kenya and Sima in Tanzania.

Through a video the man starts by mixing flour with cold water unlike how most people usually boil the water and then later on adds flour slowly.

After adding flour to cold water the man uses the machine to cook instead of the cooking stick( Mwiko).

Averagely for Ugali to be well prepared it usually takes 8-15 minutes depending on the cook.

Fortunately using this machine it only takes 3minutes which means you have saved almost ten minutes.

The man claimed that this is a very efficient way and would like people to embrace it especially in hotels.

Despite that most of the people would not believe that was possible.

This is what a twitter used said, "Ugali CANNOT be ready in 3MINS. Hiyo sio ugali. You can attain the uniformity in mixing but you will have "ugali maji". Moto haitakua imeingia ndani vizuri. Take it from the experts."

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