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"Kumbe Kupika Keki Sio Ngumu" Here Is A Simple Marble Cake Recipe You Can Try At Home Using A Jiko.

Baking a perfect cake is neither simple nor difficult. It is all about having the right ingredients and following the recipe. Following the recipe is the most important cake baking tip you’ll ever hear. It is also the most ignored tip . We often substitute ingredients in recipes based on what we have. Subbing out eggs, reducing sugar, using liquid sweetener instead of dry, all-purpose instead of cake flour, baking soda for powder, egg whites instead of whole eggs, etc. I do not recommend doing this unless the recipe suggests alternatives. Don’t sabotage your time, effort, and money. Stick to the recipe and you won't regret.

Below I have shared with you a simple recipe that you could try at home. Ingredients: All purpose flour 2cups, baking powder 1 teaspoon, sugar quarter cup, 3 eggs, milk 500ml, magarine 3 teaspoons, food color half teaspoon


1.In a mixing bowl put blueband add sugar and cream well till colour changes.

2.Add the eggs one by one and mix well.

3.Add milk and continue mixing

4.Add flour mix with baking powder its recommended you sieve it to remove any hard particles.

5.Divide the cake batter into two

6.In one bowl add food colour of your choice i used (orange)then mix well.

7.Grease the baking tin or sufuria with blueband

8.pour the cake batter into the baking tin by alternating the cake batter until you're done

9.put salt,sand or 3 stones in a big sufuria and heat it a little bit

10.Put your baking tin inside the big sufuria then cover.

11.chota makaa kwa jiko wekelea juu

12.Bake for like 1hr ukianza kunusia kaarufu just know your cake inakaribia kuiva.

13.Chukuwa toothpick open kidogo dunga ndani ikitoka clean your cake imeiva ikikwama kwa toothpick haijaiva funika iendelee kuiva

14.Remove your cake from jiko,let it cool then remove from baking tray or sufuria and enjoy.

Good luck as you try the recipe

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Kumbe Kupika Keki Sio Ngumu


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