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4 Important Strange But Benefitial Healthy Tips

Many health tips a lot of the time are straightforward. Most tell us to eat right, exercise more and drink water are among the most common.

Here are a few tips that most people would never have thought of but are nevertheless true.

Don't brush after eating - Do not immediately brush your teeth after meals and or drinks. Most acidic foods and drinks can weaken tooth enamel and brushing your teeth right after eating can speed up the acid's effect on your teeth.

Drink a hot beverage to cool off - When your body notices a change in body temperature it will increase the amount of sweat. The more sweat evaporates from your skin, the more you cool off.

If you want to eat less, eat more - Eating small amounts of carbohydrates increases your blood sugar and leaves you wanting more. Instead try eating proteins such as peanuts along with fruit, this will help you get full quicker and stay full for longer.

Exercise when your tired - Since everything we do requires oxygen, exercise helps you to work efficiently without getting as tired. Doing this will also help improve your mental functioning.


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