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How The Kalenjin Iconic Mursik Is Prepared

Mursik is a Kalenjin term referring to the fermented milk. This milk is made in a very special way.

Today I write this article to show you; the reader, procedurally how this renown milk is made. The process will take you a couple of days.

1. The calabash gourd preparation.

First, the calabash needs to be cleaned using a special tree called senetwet. This tree is heated and after it produces ambers, it is withdrawn from the fire. It is then inserted and crashed its charcoal in a calabash before it turns into ashes. Another special stick called sosiot is used to grind the charcoal against the wall of the calabash untill it all grounded. Some of the ground charcoal is poured into a clean bowl. The calabash is then left in a cool place without lid to allow for fresh air circulation.

2. Fresh Milk preparation.

The fresh milk is boiled in a clean sufuria. When it boils it is then taken to a cool place to settle and cool down. The cold milk is left with a cream for some time. The cream prevents the milk from becoming watery. They become too much thick when left with the milk cream.

3. Mursik Fermentation.

The fresh milk is the poured into the calabash at once or sometimes, some people put the milk little by little untill it is full. When full, the charcoal in the bowl is mixed with some milk and then the mixture is poured into the calabash. It is then tightly closed and left for four to five days. Fermentation depends on the level of temperature in the place. Higher temperatures accelerates the process while colder temperature slow down the process.

When the renown milk is ready after five days, it is the served with ugali or taken like water. It is preferred at the sunny days since it refresh the the body and gives you comfortable feelings.

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Kalenjin Mursik


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