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Food safety

Foods that are not supposed to be refrigerated.

Refrigeration helps slow down the chemical and biological processes in foods with the cold temperatures helping keep foods fresh for longer hence slowing down the activity of bacteria. However there are some foods that should not be refrigerated such as

1. Bread-the starch molecules in bread recristalize very quickly and causes the bread to stake much faster.

2.Avocado-refrigerating this fruits slows down the ripening process.

3. Coffee-it will absorb all the aromas in the refrigerator.

4.Honey-keeping honey in the refrigerator increases the process of crystallisation.

5.Tomatos-the cold temperatures in the refrigerator will cause then to lose their texture and dampen their flavor.

6.potatoes-when refrigerated, the sugar in them increases leading to a formation of a chemical called acrylamide.

7.Melons-if stored in a refrigerator, especially without cutting them, there can result chill 'injury' that is an alteration of it's taste and colour.

8. Oil-it quickly solidifies if refrigerated so it is best kept at room temperature.

9.Cucumber-storing them in a refrigerator will cause them to become watery and pitted.

10.Hot foods-keeping hot foods straight to the refrigerator as this will raise the temperature of the fridge,with the raised temperatures and condensation giving ideal conditions for microbes to spread.

11.Meat, cheese, fish, dairy and left overs- Some foods that are moist,high in nutrients but low in acid can also give conducive environment for bacteria especially if stored in temperatures above 4°C.


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