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Eating Late at Night is Bad For Your Health, But if You Must Don't Eat These 5 Foods

Human beings are discouraged from consuming meals past 8:00pm. But some of us can't avoid it due to our busy schedules during the day, stress or food craving habits.

Eating late at night can lead to severe health problems such as obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. It can also affect your memory which can lead to a low productive day the next day.

If you have to eat late at night due to some circumstances, kindly don't consume these five things.

* Coffee

A cup of warm coffee is something that most people think about, when they want to eat late at night. This drink is refreshingly good when consumed some hours before bedtime. It contains caffeine which remains in your body for a long period of time, which can affect you sleep.

* Red meat

Red meat is very nutritious, since it is loaded with proteins which are great for your body. It is also filled with large amounts of insoluble fiber, which takes like forever to be digested. When consumed late at night it will give you uncomfortable rest.

* Tomato sauce

This delicious spicy sauce is very addictive and it is not good for your health when consumed late at night. This is because it is acidity in nature. It is always associated with heartburns and indigestion. When consumed late at night it can cause heartburn by raising your body temperature, which often leaves your body restless.

* Alcohol

Alcohol contains high sugar levels. Study shows that foods that contain too much sugar, shouldn't be consumed late at night. The sugar content in alcohol is very dangerous to your body and it can lead to abnormal body weight.

* Water

A normal human being is encouraged to consume plenty of water, since it is good for your health. But you should avoid too much water intake at night, this is because water encourages urination. This always interrupts your sleep. Drink more water during the day.

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