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Foods to Order on Your First Date

First dates are stressful from deciding what to wear to making sure you don't have a giant zit that wants to join in on the fun , you have enough to worry about. The last thing you want to stress over is making a mess of dinner, or your food making you feel more uncomfortable than you already are. Here are some first date foods that will help you keep clean, fresh, and comfortable;

1•Bite-sized pasta_Pasta seems like a no-no to order for a first date. But chances are you're going to find yourself at a place with pasta. Bite-sized pasta like ziti, penne, and farfalle can be a great choice, since you can stab them with your fork and that good grip will help save your outfit from stains.

If you're set on long noodles, stay away from red sauces and order a cream or oil-based sauce in case you do spill. Just be sure to pop a mint after dinner if you order a garlic-heavy dish.

2•Sushi_Sushi is clean, beautiful, and easy to eat. As long as you can master chopsticks, sushi makes a great first date option. You won't have to worry too much about spillage if you're careful with your movements and go light on the soy sauce.

Ginger, which is often found in sushi dishes and on the side, is great for digestion and can calm your stomach if you get the first date jitters.

Sushi offers a wide variety of options, so even if your date is vegetarian or the thought of raw fish freaks you out, you can still find a roll that works for you.

3•Chicken_Since red meats can leave you feeling bloated and fish can leave you smelly, chicken is the perfect option. Almost any restaurant will have a chicken dish on the menu. Just go light on the sauce if you get it, or ask for it on the side to avoid mishaps.

4•Tapas_Going out for dinner on a first date is a big time commitment and the process can seem really formal. Tapas can be a good middle ground because you're still eating together, but you can cut the date short or extend it however you see fit. It's also a great way to see if your date is the sharing type.

Avoid anything too spicy if you know you're sensitive to it, and use a knife and fork to dive into the messier options. I will die on the hill of arepas as the best date food of all time, but I trust you to pick your own option.

5•Risotto, or rice dishes in general _If you make a mess of risotto on a first date, I cannot help you. It basically sticks to your fork or spoon and if you were to drop it, chances are it will barely stain. 

Rice is not messy, is easy on your estive system, and gives you energy so you'll have time to go out with friends after to debrief them on your date.

6• Dessert _Going straight to dessert on a first date is hassle-free, fun, creative, and easy. You can stay for as little or as long as you want and the options are pretty much all safe provided you're not sensitive to dairy. 

7•Oysters_Oysters are the ultimate first date food. They're low in calories and help reduce inflammation so you won't feel uncomfortably full once you've downed a few. They come in their own little plates so messes are at a minimum.Now you know which foods to order on your first date, do enjoy your day and please share thanks .

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