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The Highly Nutritious Black Rice (Forbidden Rice) And Why It is Damn Expensive

One of the most consumed source of protein across the globe is rice. The product is widely grown across the globe with more of it produced by Asian countries. There are many varieties of rice which vary greatly in terms of nutrient content and quality. The commonest rice we know and most of us have seen is white and brown rice, which are commonly used for various delicious dishes. There are other varieties of rice like black and red rice.

Black rice is one of the rarest types in the world and it is commonly found in China and the wilderness of North America. The Chinese use the rice to make various traditional dishes and it is rarely grown hence making it more expensive than other varieties. It was once the food of those who are able to afford it in Ancient China and that is how it earned the name 'forbidden rice'. It is also grown in other parts of Asia like the Philippines and Vietnam.

Black rice is the most Nutritious of the more than 8 varieties of rice containing high content of useful elements like minerals and antioxidants but low in carbohydrate content. You should try black rice some day.

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