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Avoid Losses In Skuma Wiki Production By Planting This Variety To Harvest Upto 10 Tonnes Per Acre

Skuma Wiki is a popular vegetable that is consumed in every household almost twice a week. This renders it a good agribusiness to practice both in small and large scale.

Its english name is collard greens. Its a form of cabbage whose leaves does not form a head. Collard greens are always fried and served with ugali or beef. It is very compactible with other vegetables such as onions and tomatoes.

Collard production is a serious business that earns money within a short period of time. They can also be harvested more than once before replanting another crops.

Achieving all these starts with the correct choice of the variety you plant. The best and well proven variety for maximum production is the mfalme F1 sukuma Wiki variety.

The variety has been well researched on by the east african seeds company and its better qualities confirmed. Among the qualities are; a long harvesting period, its leaves are not acidic when cooked making it a preferred choice among people with ulcers, short spaces between the nodes, developing many leaves per internode and many more. Mfalme F1 can tolerate some pests and diseases. It ready for harvest between 45 to 60 days and can be harvested throughout one year after the first harvest

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