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The street "mayai" and "smokie" delicacy that leaves city dwellers craving.

A huge percentage of Nairobians depend on our city’s street vendors to keep their cravings in check over the course of the long daily hustle. Most people rely on a trusted man/ woman on the street to provide for these daily culinary needs and they will all swear that even if the offerings change little from vendor to vendor, their unique preparation style gives them a signature taste that no one can resist.

This urge can only be done with when a hot boiled egg or sausage with spicy contents (kachumbari) finds its way down the roadway to the stomach. Some recommend it down with chilli sauce or ketchuo. No equivalence has ever matched it . The tasty mayai or smokie pasua is a delicacy that can never taste the same if one decides to do it at home. You may have the ingredients but will never match that with vendors

Some even give a try to walk and match around the house just to "confuse" the eggs but have bever achieved it. The mayai pasua goes for 20 shillings while the smokie for approximately 30 bob. Some take one while other watch their pockets empty to these vendors.

Hope next time you walk to town something shall click in your mind.

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