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Simple And Natural Way To Make Cooking Oil That Is Free From Cholesterol At Home

As it is known, cooking oils that are chemically processed has alot of health defects to human being. For instance, most of them contains cholesterol which severely damages the heart.

The good news today is that after reading this article, you will be able to make a cholesterol free oil for your family right there at home. This is how to go about it.

Obtain fresh olives which are in their black stage of ripening. While picking or buying the olives, try to avoid those that are still green as these will not yield good oil during processing.

Ensure the olives are very clean by washing them properly. With the aid of a mortar and a pestle or a blender, mash them into a paste. This is then followed by stirring up the paste slowly for about 45 minutes. The stirring is done to give the oil time to reveal itself.

Use the oil extractor to extract out oil from the paste. This is then followed by sieving the oil through a series of cheesecloth. Note that, sieving cold oil takes alot of time therefore you can slightly warm it to increase the efficiency.

Cool the oil and store in a clean dark container for use.

Watch the video below to learn how to perform it practically.,vid:BwjhFIPqGlY,st:0

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