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Health Benefits of Avocado seeds

(Grate avocado seeds and use them in your drinks and food photo source:courtesy)

Avocado is a favourite fruit for many Kenyans but most of them have not learned the benefits of its seeds.

Avocado seeds contain antioxidant content which makes it a good source of nutrition. The seeds also contain calcium, magnesium and vitamin C which are good for the body.

The seeds also contain bactericidal and fungicidal properties which can neutralize harmful microorganisms in the body.

Peel the covers of the seed and wait for the seed to dry, grate properly and add to salads, smoothies, creamy and other dishes.

Below are some benefits of eating avocado seeds

Reduce digestive disorders 

Avocado seeds have fiber and anti-inflammatory compounds which helps minimize bloating and kills toxin and waste that causes complications in the body.

Prevent blood sugar imbalances

The seeds have a rich source of fiber that helps in balancing the intake of sugars therefore keeping the blood sugar level stable.

(Photo source:courtesy)

Reduce Inflammation 

The anti-inflammatory compounds in the seeds reduces the risk of developing chronic inflammation.

Enhances beauty

Antioxidant in avocado seeds reduces oxidative stress in the skin caused by the sun, pollution and chemicals. They also contain nourishing oils which helps smother the skin.

Lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease 

The soluble fiber in avocado seeds can help get rid of cardiovascular system of plaque and cholesterol, which prevents heart disease, heart failure and stroke.

Avocado seeds are mostly recommended for people who suffer from obesity, atherosclerosis or have problems with blood sugar.

The seeds can also be used as a scrub, drying cream, facial mask or hair rinse to enhance beauty.

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