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Simple Recipe For Homemade Kangumu

In a typical Kenyan homestead,tea is always the first meal of the day which at most times is accompanied by a carbohydrate based meal which is mainly organic. Foods like arrowroots,sweet potatoes,boiled eggs and maize are some of the most common accompaniments for tea over a long period of time.

Being in the modern world, breakfast accompaniments have been modernized to having more fancy foods like baked and fried. Bacon,cake, pancake, crepes and mandazi are some of the foods you'll find on the modern day breakfast table.

The most common accompaniments is mandazi. Many people find it more affordable and tasty. Let's now take a look for the version of mandazi which is Kangumu. It is a form of mandazi but about hard on the texture and crunchiness.First,you need wheat flour, margarine,sugar,baking powder,milk and cooking oil for frying. Start off by rubbing wheat flour,margarine,sugar and baking powder together to form crumbs. Knead the mixture with milk to form a medium hard dough and let it settle for 30 minutes.Roll out the dough and divide into equal shapes and sizes.Heat cooking oil to medium hot temperature and fry the kangumus to attain the golden color.Drain out the excess oil with kitchen towels and keep warm. Serve with hit tea or coffee.

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Kangumu Kenyan


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