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Huge Blow to All Kenyans as The New Prices of Cooking Oil, Beef, Sukuma Wiki are Finally Revealed

Photo courtesy of packed Cooking Oil, beef and Sukuma Wiki.

Kenyans will now have to dig deeper into their pockets in order to consume the highly nutritious Sukuma Wiki stew and beef popularly consumed for its rich supplementation of proteins.

The prices of 1 Litre of cooking oil, 1 Kilogram of beef and 1 Kilogram of Sukuma Wiki have risen exponentially in country, a factor that has been occasionally alluded to the rising standards of living being currently experienced in the country.

According to a publication by the Sunday Daily Nation, kenyans will now be forced to spent Ksh 346 on 1 Litre of Cooking Oil, Ksh 59 on 1 Kilogram of Sukuma Wiki and Ksh 600 on 1 Kilogram of beef.

This sad state of affairs comes amidst rising claims that the ongoing war in the Ukrainian Nation is the solemn factor to the rising food prices in the country.

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