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Cooking Recipes


Saute Potatoes With Onions And Coriander

This is a quick fix for a snack,they take around 30 minutes to get ready.


Potatoes (sliced in a circular shape)

2 onions



Salt to taste


Boil water with some salt.

Place your potatoes in the boiled water and let them simmer for five minutes, note at this point the heat is off.

In a large frying pan heat your oil until its hot enough.

Add in your potatoes and deep fry them, keep turning gently until they are slightly crunchy.

Remove your potatoes and set them aside.

Drain your oil from them pan and just leave a little for frying your onions.

Once your oil is hot fry your onions, sprinkle in a little salt and stir.

After your onions are ready add in your coriander and simmer for a minute.

Add in potatoes and give them all a good mix but very gently to avoid mushing your potatoes.

Serve and enjoy with some kachumbari or guacamole,.

You can also eat them as a side dish with some beef or even chicken stew.

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