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Skin Care

How to Get Rid of Bad Smell in Travel Mugs and Bottles

Has your bottle had a foul smell maybe after using it with other things like sodas and juices?

Even after cleaning with soap and other ingridients you may find the smell barely goes away.Today i will teach you how to get rid of it.


Tooth paste.

Old magazine papers.


Wash your bottle with soap and warm water and rinse it.cut the magazine papers into small pieces and soak them with warm water.Stir them to make a paste,add toothpaste and continue stirring until it dissolves.Put the paste in the bottle and lid tighten it.

Leave it for two days.clean the bottle with warm water and soap and leave it opened for few hour for refreshment.and your bottle is brand new again.

content notes:

Make sure you use magazines.

Allow the paste to mix well for better outcome.

If the smell Dont go away please repeat the procedure.

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