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Common Vegetables You Grow That You Didn't Know You Could Eat

1•Carrot tops_Strip the tender carrot leaves off the tougher steme and finely chop them into soups and salads,or scatter them over pasta and rice.They're especially good in minestone or any rustic vegetable soup as a garnish.

2•Broccoli leaves_Broccoli leaves ,the billowy rosette of greens that surrounds the bud ad it's growing are a vegetable in their own right.You can eat broccoli leaves. Cook them as you would a sturdy green like kale or collards.Their mild flavor makes them ideal for sautes,stir fries,braises,and soups where they won't overwhelm the rest of the dish.

3•Potato leaves

The leaves of the sweet potato plant are mild in flavor and abundant in summer. They can be harvest all season long while you wait forbthe tubers to mature.

The tender stems and leaves are both edible .They're silky like spinach and wilt beautifully when cooked.Heat brings out their sweetness,so toss them into a soup ,saute or stir fry,by themselves or with other vegetables.

4•Tomato leaves_You can use them sparingly in sauces,soups and salads (which is where l feel their rich,distinctive flavor works best).Tomato leaves add a deep savory note that comes a live when the leaves are cooked or chopped to bring out the oils.

So the next time you're picking some greens,unripe tomatoes from your plants,don't be a fraid to harvest the young,tender leaves as well.

5•Pepper leaves

They have a molder pepper flavor than the peppers themselves,and taste a little like white pepper, delicate and fragrant.

It doesn't matter if you use the leaves from a sweet bell or a fiery habanero,as the chemical compound that gives peppers their heat (capsaicin) is concentrated in the ribs (inner membranes) of the fruit.

6•Beans leaves_When it comes to the leafy greens of legumes,peas shoots usually come to mind first and for good reason .They are,you can eat pea shorts raw or cooked orbturn them into pesto.

You Can harvest the leaves off other bean plants as well,but they're not nearly as abundant as fava greens and,personally,l try not to risk production if the plants are new.

So ,are you feeling inspired now that you know these everyday vegetables have edible leaves?So please share these article to educate someone else,thanks.

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