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Benefits of Maggots For Your Chicken and How to Grow Them

In these hard economic times, many people have resorted to breeding chicken either for eggs or meat which in turn brings them a substantial income on the side.

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However, chicken feed has become very expensive and many people are looking at alternative methods of feeding their chicken every day.

This is why maggots are a healthy option for your chicken given that they occur naturally and are very important in the growth of your chicken.

Benefits of Maggots

There are a few benefits of growing maggots to feed to your chicken and below are some of the benefits:

1. Cheap to manufacture as you need items which are readily available in your home to get them.

2. They are rich in fats which are important especially if you are growing your chicken for meat.

3. They are rich in proteins which are also an essential part in the growth and development of your chicken.

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How to Grow Maggots

You will need your normal home container in which the maggots cannot escape from.

Install a ramp using sticks around the container for the maggot to climb through.

Drill a hole at the top of the ramp. The maggots ready to become adults will instinctively get out of the pile and proceed up the ramp that you have built.

You can either put the container in the chicken area and let the maggots be eaten by the chickens as they get out of the container or put a bucket under the hole to collect them.

Collect soldier fly maggots from an existing compost pile. If you do not have an available compost pile to harvest, order maggots online or leave the container open and hope some soldier fly maggots will lay their eggs in it.

Once you have a colony established, the adult soldier fly maggots will keep coming back as long as there is food in the container.

Fill the container with manure, kitchen scraps without meat or any green material. Keep the material moist, but do not soak it; this will drown the maggots.

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Do this in your homes and you will have a regular supply of maggots for your chicken.

However, you are advised not to overfeed your chicken with maggots since they are rich in fats and consuming too much might not be good for them.

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