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How You Can Sell Green Tomatoes To Maximize Profit

The following ideas will help you make profits faster with Green tomatoes business:

Ensure you place the green tomatoes in an enclosed space since they emit ethylene gas as they ripen.The ethylene gas around the tomato fruits make them ripe faster.

You can also ripen tomatoes by using a cupboard, paper bag or placing between sheets of newspaper.

Ensure you don’t seal them up in a plastic bag or Tupperware since tomatoes need oxygen as they ripen.

You should not put them in the refrigerator as they will not ripen at temperatures below 65.

To speed up the process, put a ripe banana or cut-open apple in a bag with the green tomatoes.

Both fruits emit ethylene gas which will enhance the process of ripening of the tomatoes.

Remember, once tomatoes have fully ripened, you can store them for up to four weeks at 55 degrees before they start to decay. 

The tomatoes can last even longer in the refrigerator, but they turn mealy when kept below 50 degrees, therefore, don't keep them in refrigerator in order to attract more customers.

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