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Plan Your Meal For The Whole Week Using This Guide

The most difficult thing in an household is planning what to cook for the whole family. In this article i will make your work easier by giving you inspirations of meals you will definitely enjoy cooking.

1.You can try cooking white rice mix with some carrots and green vegetables

It will be best if you accompany it with fried egg and some chicken wings.

That meal is well balanced off and it's healthy. If you are looking for meals to gain weight this is a good idea.

2. Ugali fish and some kienyeji greens

Eating greens help in digestive issues, there’s a secret ingredient in leafy greens that could help.

They are Low in calories, yet high in fiber and vitamins.

Fish is a good protein and contain omega 3.

3 Githeri and steamed cabbage

Soft githeri is the best you can accompony it with pigeon peas, beans cow peas, green peas and then when frying add some carrots.

4.Mukimo with beef stew

This is a great combination and also good food for kids to enjoy

The mukimo is full of pumpkin leaves which are very nutritional 6help in digestion

5.Have you ever tried eating chapati with meats balls this is a very delicious meal and a must try.

6. Rice beans and green with kachumbari

7. Spahetti mixed with veggies

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