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How To Cook Soft Layered Chapati

Chapati is sweet but the degree of sweetness sometimes depends on the chef and even the ingredients he or she used.Soft chapati is always the best.Here is a best way to make soft chapati with three ingredients only.


1.Baking flour. oil.



1.The first thing to do is put warm water in a bowl according to the amount of flour you have.

2.Add sugar and mix till it is fully dissolved.The sugar should taste in the water.

3.Add some cooking oil to the water.

4.Add the flour to the mixture and mix till the right dough is formed.It should be soft.

Leave it for atleast thirty minutes.

5.cut the dough into small sizes and roll it.

6.Apply oil on one side of the dough and roll it as shown.

7.Then roll it again as you put it on the pan which is hot.

Once the chapati is ready, it can be served with meat stew,beans and so many but to mention a few.

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