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Benefits of " MATOKE " /boiled bananas

The main Kenyan dish for lunch or dinner lies between ugali, rice, chapati and githeri. Matoke is uncommon among Kenyans. Matoke generally refers to boiled bananas, unripe bananas are boiled and served with with beef stew or even plain when fried.

Ugandans and people from Congo are more conversant with boiling bananas and plantains. Matoke as a meal is highly nutritious and recomedable. One boiled banana contains about 100 calories,400mg of potasium, and approximately 1 gram of protein. I would recommend one to have matoke meal at least twice per week.

Boiled bananas can save a life due to their high nutrition value which include;

Why eat boiled bananas

1) High potassium amounts; potassium functions as a regulator of nerve signals, muscle movements and body fluid balance.

Potassium thus plays a role in blood pressure regulations.

2) Boiled bananas contain high fiber content.This helps in efficient digestion and in prevention of constipation.

3) Boiled bananas provide high calorie free from cholesterol. This will help in maintenance of good cholesterol levels.

4) Due to a low glycemic index, boiled bananas provide satiety after a meal as compared to processed food.

5) Boiled bananas provide vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium and iron to our bodies.These minerals together with potassium protect against stroke, prevent osteoporosis and kidney stones.

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