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5 Benefits Of Eating Raw Vegetables Over Cooked Vegetables

Cooking is crucial to our diets. It helps us digest food without expending huge amounts of energy. It softens food, such as cellulose fiber and raw meat, that our small teeth, weak jaws and digestive systems aren't equipped to handle. And while we might hear from raw foodists that cooking kills vitamins and minerals in food (while also denaturing enzymes that aid digestion), it turns out raw vegetables are not always healthier. Here are five benefits of eating raw vegetables has some over cooked vegetables.

1. Higher Levels of Heat-Sensitive Nutrients

Some vitamins and nutrients are heat-sensitive. The research from University of Michigan stated that when fruits or vegetables are cooked at high temperatures or for long periods of time, heat-sensitive nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin C and folate are more likely to be destroyed.

2. Cancer-Fighting Properties

Cabbage is a staple of various different ethnic cuisines but may not be as widely used by others. But, that does not mean it shouldn’t be used! Not only are there a myriad of tasty recipes to cook with cabbage, but it will help fight off cancer in our bodies. Cabbage has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer. It should be minimally cooked or eaten completely raw to reap the full benefits of its cancer fighting properties.

3. Potential Weight-Loss Benefits

Eating more fruits and vegetables in general is associated with small amounts of weight loss, according to a study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" in May 2009. Most vegetables are low in energy density, meaning they have relatively few calories per gram of food. Raw vegetables, however, tend to be even lower in energy density than cooked vegetables because they often have a higher water content. Eating vegetables in place of other foods that are higher in energy density, including fatty foods and foods high in sugar, can help you lose weight.

4. More Antioxidants

One of the reasons veggies are so great for you is their antioxidant content. But like vitamin C, antioxidants can break down during cooking. Some water-soluble antioxidants might leach into the water as your vegetables cook, while other antioxidants might be neutralized by cooking oil, which naturally starts to oxidize as you cook. Eating raw veggies at the peak of their ripeness helps you get the most antioxidant bang for your buck

5. Great Source Of Fiber

Raw vegetables are a great source of fiber. Fiber rich diet prevents various heart diseases lowering the cholesterol level in blood. Raw vegetables are also good for diabetic patients. It also prevents constipation. It helps to clear bowel regularly and thus increase normal hunger.

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