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Rare crops that you did not know existed but are actually health beneficial.

Black tomatoes.

This fruit vegetable plant was bred by Jim Myers from the University of Oregon. Apparently, the black tomatoes have more health benefits than the normal red variety tomatoes popularly known to most people. They start up as the normal green tomatoes, but ripen to a jet black color. Apart from their nutritional value, the black tomatoes have an amazingly beautiful black feature which make them outstanding black beauty queens.

Purple carrots.

Although purple carrots offer more health benefits than the standard orange carrots and are similar in taste and crunch,they aren't familiar in markets. The plant originated in the middle east long before the orange carrots and contain up to 28 times the anthocyanins in orange carrots. Anthocyanins act as antioxidants and may offer anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer benefits. Purple carrots have a green, yellow and orange core that makes a colorful salad.

Dwarf blue curled kales.

Finely curled blue kales can be grown even for its appearance alone. It can be used as a garnish and in hearty winter dishes. It is a rarely grown variety of kale and it has a beautiful appearance which appeases the eyes altogether. This particular kale is parked with vitamins and minerals which makes it a nutritional powerhouse. Aside from this it is delicious in salads or in cooked soup stew.

Purple Irish potatoes.

Eating purple potatoes can boost your antioxidant intake and reduce inflammation. Their purple color doesn't change it's original taste if you want to believe that they taste any different from the normal potatoes. They still have the same original taste and have no additional taste added. Besides the strikingly beautiful purple color,they are a rich source of anthocyanins and other additional health benefits that the normal potatoes may not contain.

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