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Interesting Things About Rice You Should Know

Food is life, some people might argue that but if you think it, the human brain naturally craves for just four and food is one of those four so food is as important as life itself, nobody can survive without food, we should attach more dignity to it.

Food is not anything we could eat, foods are those substances that we eat that do some work in the body, if you eat something and it does no chore in your body, you probably eat something else but not a portion of food. I will be writing about a prominent dish today, one of the best Nigerian dishes, the most cooked dish in Nigeria, which dish can that be? Calm your nerves, relax, and read through.


Just like I said before, I will be writing on one of the best Nigerian dishes today, everyone should have known the dish but in case you don' t, it is no other dish but Rice (Oryza sativa).

Rice (Oryza sativa) is one of the best dishes in Nigeria, it is also the most prepared dish in Nigeria, what did people know about this dish? Zero! There are thousands of types of Rice but they are classified into two groups which are- Brown Rice and White Rice. The two main types of Rice are carbohydrates but still have some differences.

Brown rice is coarse rice, it has high nutritional quotients with a bad taste while White rice is just like modified brown rice, it has been polished, it has a good taste but it has lower nutritional quotients.

Some white rice is enriched so they are almost as nutritious as brown rice, it is advisable to always check the nutritional quotients of rice before buying, if you like this article, share it with your friends, thank you for reading.

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