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3 Tricks To Save Your Sufurias From Becoming Black Due To Charcoal Soot

Although the black outer covering that covers sufurias is a good thing in the long run, it can be messy to the handler. The black stuff helps the sufurias to heat fast and for heat to spread evenly all over the sufurias. If you don't find it impressive there are three ways to protect your sufurias from being covered by the black soot:

1. ASH

Smear a generous coating of wet ash on the outside of the sufuria before using it for your cooking. After cooking the ash will wash off easily and will have protected your sufuria from the soot.


You can use liquid soap or bar soap. Cover the outside of the sufuria with a layer of soap. Make sure no soap goes into the interior of the sufuria. When the layer is already applied, the soot won't stick to the sufuria and the soap will wash off while cleaning.


Cover the outside of the sufuria with a foil. Heat will pass through to cook the food but the soot won't ruin your sufuria.

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