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How to Know the Best Time to Harvest Your Vegetables


Tomatoes emit ethylene gas once they mature. The ethylene gas causes the change of color from unripe green to red ripe. Look for the first light yellowish of color as an indicator of when to pick tomatoes.Savor the taste of fresh garden tomatoes | Jamestown Sun


Leeks are members of the onion family. They mature 60-120 days depending on the variety. When harvesting, moisten the soil by watering then gently twist the stalks back and forth to loosen them and ease them out of the ground. Cut off the roots and leave the stem and leaves.

Discover the secrets to successfully growing leeks - Farmers Weekly


Carrots are ready for harvesting 60-80 days after planting depending on the variety. Carrots lose their flavor and quality once they exceed their ripe time in the soil. When harvesting, moisten the soil, pull them up, cut off the greens, and storing them properly.Carrot farming using muriate of potash » MKULIMATODAY.COM


Broccolis are ready for harvesting between 50 to 90 days after planting depending on the variety. Broccoli heads should be harvested before the buds start opening into yellow and white flowers. To harvest the broccoli, simply cut the stem about 6 inches below the broccoli head. The harvesting should be done preferably in the morning.7 Winter Vegetables That You Can Plant Right Now [LIST] - Goodnet


Reap cauliflower when heads are 14-21cms in breadth. 

Cut the cauliflower head while it is white and before yellow buds begin to open. Cauliflower loses its quality when buds relax.How to Plant Cauliflower this Fall


To test eggplant readiness, press the eggplant with your thumb; if the tissue springs back it's green and not ready; if your thumb leaves a space, it is overripe; the best tasting eggplant will be in the middle. 

A simply ready eggplant when cut will have delicate, all around shaped yet youthful seeds; a juvenile and unripe eggplant will have no apparent seeds; an overripe eggplant will have hard, dull seeds. Both an under-ready and overripe eggplant will be unpleasant tasting.How to grow aubergines: how to grow eggplants from seed | Country

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