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Top Expensive Fruit Ever Sold. The cost is unbelievable.

The Yubari King Melon is a unique yellowish fruit with white stripes that grows in the Yubari area of Hokkaido, Japan. The fruit grows in long vinyl greenhouses and has a maturity time of 100-105 days after planting. Just before harvesting, two or three fruits selected from a seedling are placed on a white mat that maintains their round shape. Once they attain a bluish-green color, harvesting occurs then left for 2 to 3 days to ripen at room temperatures. The fruits are ready for consumption when they turn to an orange-yellowing color with white stripes and have a sweet aroma. Falling off the stems left out also indicates that the fruit is ripe.  

Due to their sweetness and the fact that they grow in a single part of the world, the Yubari King melon has become one of the rarest and most expensive fruits on market. The melon that is round in shape and has yellowish or brownish color with no spots on the outer skins has the highest quality. 

The fruit holds a record of the most expensive fruit when it was auctioned at $45000 in 2019 and $22500 in 2012.

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