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5 Reasons Why You Can't Cook Soft Chapati


Chapati is a tasty dish that may be served at any hour of the day. It's becoming increasingly popular as a result of its inexpensive cost and extensive availability. The two most frequent variants are white chapati and brown chapati, both made from whole wheat grain. Chapati quality is largely determined by its softness.

Several variables contribute to the hardness and crunchiness of chapatis.


How you prepare the dough typically determines the final product of your Chapatis. Add a little oil and warm water to your dough to soften it. After you've prepared your dough, let it rest for 30 minutes to an hour. As a result, the dough will soften, and your chapatis will as well.

2. Use a lot of flour when rolling out your dough balls.

You can use a small bit of flour to avoid hard Chapatis. The amount of flour remaining on uncooked chapati after spreading it out and placing it on a pan determines the final product.

3. Extremely cold temperatures

You'll need to utilize a low heat setting while drying your chapatis without frying them. However, you must fry your chapati over a medium to high heat.

This prevents the chapatis from adhering to the pan for an extended period of time and hardening. Make sure your pan is hot before you start drying and frying the chapati.

Make sure you can cook the chapati fast to avoid scorching it.

4. The amount of oil used to cook the chapati

Make use of a lot of oil. The chapati will get hard and crunchy if there isn't enough oil in the recipe.

Aid in the absorption of the needed amount of oil by the chapati. This isn't to mean they should be drenched with grease.

5. They don't last long after they've been fried.

A decent place to store Chapatis should be available when frying them. A lidded container or bowl will be required for this. A good-temperature storage will also necessitate the use of aluminum foil or nylon paper. They should not be kept in the refrigerator since they will soak up the liquid and lose their natural sweetness.

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