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Japanese Restaurant Where Monkeys Serve as Waiters

You won't be as shocked when you consider what is happening throughout the world, but you will also find it challenging to understand some of the occurrences. Travelers will concur with me because they've seen a variety of things that are no longer available in their hometowns.

It seems that fresh concepts are always being developed with the intention of piqueing global interest. In fact, a Japanese restaurant has chosen to hire highly trained monkeys in place of human workers to fill the position of a server, and that is exactly what is taking on there.

Visitors eagerly anticipate visiting the Kayabukia Tavern restaurant whenever they have the chance. People travel from all over the world to do so. Riders arrive to see how monkeys serve and accept orders. The venue has already had some tourists who came not just for the food but also to observe the clever monkeys.

The experience at Kayabukia restaurant is fascinating for outsiders and, in most cases, guests from outside Japan. What would you think if the person bringing your favorite meal at a restaurant turned out to be a monkey instead as a regular person? The vast majority of the rowdy diners now favor that method of traveling.

The two monkeys who operate as servers go by the names of Fuku Chan and Yat Chan. When Fuku Chan and Yat Chan leave for work, they are fully attired, including their skirt and gown.

Mr. Kaoru Otsuka, their boss, claimed that dealing with them was once as easy as dealing with regular people despite the fact that they were tremendously trustworthy and dedicated at work and that doing so was once as simple as doing so. The two monkeys are no longer annoying when it comes to paying, and they are truly given bananas, which is their preferred food.

Mr. Kaoru acknowledges that at initially it was challenging to cope with them and that they frequently spilled meals, but with time they gradually became aware of and used to the duties entrusted to them. Also, he asserts that they do not take money or food in the same manner as people do.

It's incredible how inventive people can be; as a result of the distinctive servers who offer hip service, the restaurant is now among the most well-known in Japan and the entire world.

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