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Cook Your Beans This Way And You Will Never Complain Of Stomach Gas Again.

Beans are the most widely consumed legumes in many parts of the country mostly in schools. Many people however hate eating beans because of their end result of gas build up and accumulation in the stomach which is not pleasing. Beans too trigger acidity in some individuals. Did you know that the way you cook your beans is the reason behind all these?

Today, I am going to briefly outline some simple steps on how to cook your beans. Before you boil your beans, plan for it at least 12 hours before. Clean your beans by removing the dirt which may include stones. When you are done, wash the beans with clean water and place them in a larger container. Add clean water to cover the beans up to two inches or more. Leave them to soak for up to 8-12 hours. If possible, you can change the water after every four hours. After the soaking is done you can now boil your beans. They will take the shortest time to cook.

Some people argue that when you soak beans for that long all the nutrients are washed away. That is not true. Beans have complex sugars some of which the body does not have the enzyme to digest. When you soak beans, you help to break them down to a simple structure that can be digested by the body. Try this today and thank me later.

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