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Do You Wish To Have A Flat Tummy?

1.Eat foods rich in less calories.

This decreased metabolic rate.

2.Do aerobic exercises.

They include running, jumping, swimming,walking, resistance training.The exercises are of more benefit if you do them while standing than sitting.This activates muscles that maintain balance hence reducing the belly fat.Walk at least 30 minutes everyday since it slims your waist and reduce accumulation of tummy fat.Also do abdominal excercises and crunches.

3.Eat these foods.

Avocados, flaxseeds,legumes and oats contain soluble fibre to reduce the risk of diseases and accumulation of fat in your body.Take plenty of proteins like eggs,fish oil etc and foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids eg olive oil, avocados,nuts and seeds.They also prevent fat accumulation.

4.Limit taking refined and processed foods.

Some of them are;white flour,white bread,white rice,pastries,snacks and sweets.Replacd them with whole foods e.g grains,nuts,legumes,fruits, vegetables,dairy,fish and unprocessed meat.They contains fibre,water,vitamins and nutrients good for the body .

5.Add apple cedar vinegar to your diet.

1-2 tablespoons per day of vinegar will reduce appetite and cut fat in your body.

6.Avoid liquid calories.

These are; sodas,fruit juice and energy drinks.

7.Limit taking sugary foods .

8.Take unsweetened coffee or green tea.

They increase metabolism and breakdown of fatty acids.

9.Drink plenty of water.

Water increases the metabolic rate and prevents constipation hence reducing bloating of the belly.

10.Eat mindfully.

Pay attention to what you eat and see if it is healthy.

11.Avoid swallowing air and gases.

This is when you take carbonated beverages like sodas,chewing bubble gums, talking while eating and taking a drink using a straw.

12.Reduce your stress and anxiety.

When stressed,the body releases a hormone called Cortisol which increases appetite for unhealthy foods.Do some Yoga to reduce stress.

13.Have enough sleep.

It reduces appetite.

14.Try intermittent fasting.

This is simply putting restrictions on your meal times.

15 .Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Try this consistently with patience you will see good results.

Content created and supplied by: MissT_Agany. (via Opera News )


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