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Chicken Breeds And What They Are Known For

1) Kuroiler

It is kept for both meat and also eggs. Kuroiler chicken can feed on kitchen waste and also agricultural products. This type of breed can lay at least 150 eggs per annum. They grow very fast.

2) Kari Breed.

This breed was developed in Kenya by a company called Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization. The breed in just a period of 5 months can achieve a weight of 1.5 kilograms. They are very resistant to disease and there by suitable to the any local environment.

3) Kenbro.

Kenbro breed is also known to be able to resist diseases just like Kari Breed. Characterized by red feathers with a round conformations. It has a great taste when you are eating it's meet. It can lay 200 eggs per annum. In just 7 weeks it can gain 1.5 kilograms.

4) Rainbow Rooster.

Known for it's faster growth. It was developed in India where by it is characterized by it's many colors. It is known to lay many eggs more than any other natural breed.

5) Sasso.

Known for it's slow growing exotic lines. It can be kept for both meat and eggs. It was developed in France and in Kenya currently it is produced by Western Seed Company. It is also disease resistant just like Kari Breed and Kenbro. Though it can be kept for egg production many people prefer to keep it for meat. It can lay 150-200 eggs per annum.

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