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Some of the healthiest vegetables one should eat everyday

Vegetables are plants or parts of plant that are consumed as food and are usually categorised according to the part of the plant eaten such as leaves(Kales or lettuce), stem (cellery), roots(carrots), tubers(potato), bulbs(onion), flowers(broccoli).

This vegetables are very important for health as they provide many essential vitamins,minerals,antioxidants.

Some of the healthiest vegetables include:

*Spinach-it is a leafy greens vegetable belonging to the amaranth family and is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.They contain vitamin E and magnesium which supports the immune system and has powerful antioxidants that helps reduce the risk of chronic illnesess.It is also an excellent source of vitamin K,vitamin A in the form of caretonoids,,manganese,folate, copper,vitamins B2,B6,calcium.

*Carrots-thet are root vegetables and are considered as one of the most perfect foods for health around.They contain vitamins C,K,A,calcium,fiber,potassium,beta carotene.Thet are an excellent source of vitamin A which is important for eyesight and also contain beta carotene,a powerful antioxidants that can help protect against cancer,vitamins K and calcium which are important for healthy bones.

A,*Broccoli-it belongs to the cruciferous group of vegetables.It contains a powerful compound known as sulforophane which can offer protection against chronic diseases like cancer by reduction of oxidative stress in the body.

*Garlic-it is a plant in the Allium family and is closely related to the onion.The main active compound in garlic is Accillin which is useful for fighting cancer,protecting against cardiovascular diseases and is quite useful for diabetics as it helps keep blood sugars constant.

*Brussels Sprouts-they are a member of the cruciferous vegetables family and contain a compound known as Kaempferol which has been found to help in the reduction of cell damage.

*Kales-they are green leafy cruciferous vegetables that are rich in nutrients.They are rich in the B vitamins and other vitamins like vitamin C, A, K, and are especially beneficial in boosting heart health by reducing blood pressure,cholesterol and blood sugars

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