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Kiswahili Word For "Chickpea"

Thank you so much for reading this information from this site. Please do not leave this page without following my channel by clicking the follow button at the top of this page.Kiswahili is used in Kenya as National language and it is accepted in every institution and and every public office. Due to this demand the rate at which Kiswahili language is growing makes it good to learn a new Kiswahili on daily basis.

Today we are going to look at Kiswahili Word for the name, "Chickpea",;that some of us might not be aware of.

Chickpeas which is also called garbanzo beans, are kind of Legumes that are rich in protein. Chickpeas are round shape, beige in color and other varieties can also be black, green, or red in color.

For your information Kiswahili Word for the name "Chickpeas" that majority of us might not be knowing is; "njegere".

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Chickpeas Kiswahili


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