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How To Cook Tender Meat in Just Afew Minutes With Hot Sand

By consylukayu

This works when you heat the beach sand for several minutes at a high temperature in a frying pan. Don't believe it? Then simply try it out:

Step 1

Fill a large,cast iron pan (non_stick pans scratch easily) up to a centimeter below the edge with beach sand (or alternatively, sandpit sand from the DIY store)Heat the pan on the highest heat.Occasional stirring ensures evenly distributed heat.

While waiting,cut tender meat into thin slices (approx.0.5 to 1 centimeters) Take four A4_side sheet of parchment and oil them with olive or rape_seed oil.

Step 2

Place three to four meat in the middle of each parchment.Sheet and flavour with sea salt,herbs and spices.Then fold up the parchment to make a tightly closed,flat parcel (no sand should be allowed to touch the food.)

Step 3

The parcels are then laid on one half of the hot sand and covered with the rest.After a round 7 minutes, the food is ready and can be dug out of the Sand bed for serving.

The meat must be thinly sliced so that it is cooked through in just s few minutes. A parcel made of oiled parchment protects the food against unpleasant grains of sand.

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Content created and supplied by: Consylukayu (via Opera News )


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