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Be Adventurous In The Kitchen- Risper Faith Advices Ladies After Flaunting Her Cooking Skills

The Nairobi Diary actress revealed on an educative video on her Youtube Channel on Friday, her simple secret recipe to making a delicious sausage Biryani meal. She claims that ladies should try out different cooking recipes and techniques to prevent boredom from their partners.

Risper Faith amazed her fans with her exceptional cooking skills in her latest video on her Youtube Channel. She shared a step-by-step routine on making the perfect sausage biryani. The business-savvy woman shared all the ingredients needed to emulate her dish.

"Let the onions cook until they are golden brown and set them aside", said Risper Faith as she was busy slicing the pre-cooked sausages into sizeable bites. She said that cooking is fun if you put some creativity and passion into the art. The mother of one emphasized incorporating garlic while cooking. It improves one`s immunity and fights high blood pressure. "Lazima tupikie mabwana zetu chakula partners and girlfriends, we need to be very adventurous in the kitchen so that our man may look forward to coming home", she added.

"Men are like babies, they get bored easily, so be adventurous in the kitchen", said Risper and encouraged the public to try her recipe. She pointed out that she was salivating and couldn`t wait to dig into the food and appreciate her efforts. She lovingly served a bowl for her husband before creating a plate for herself.

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Below are screenshots of what fans had to say about the matter.

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