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Stop Losing Your Chickens; Use These 3 Local Herbs To Prevent Your Chicken From Falling Sick Easily

Are you a chicken rearer, either a small scale or a large scale farmer? If yes, I'm pretty sure you might have concurred some loses of your chickens to diseases. Some of the most common chicken diseases are; Newcastle, Fowl Pox, Fowl Cholerw, Infectious Bronchitis ,Coccidiosis, Marek's disease,etc

The loss of chickens,whether in small scale or large scale farming is unbearable as no one calls for loses in his or her investing.

This is the reason why I want to bring you some of the locally available herbs to your limelight that will play a great role in helping your chickens from easily falling sick.

.Let's get started.

1. Aloe Vera

This is a locally available Herb that we will need in preparing a home remedy for your sick chickens. Aloe vera positively affects the humoral immune response and cellular immunity.

2. Chili Pepper

The second locally herb that we will require is the chilli peppers which helps in improving feed's digestibility in chickens and prevents chickens from easily falling sick.

3. Mexican Sunflower

Another recommended locally available herb that we will require is the Mexican sunflower's leaves.

Lets prepare our home made remedy following the below steps and see how we can administer it to our chickens.

First, you need to assemble all the above three herbs.

Then you will grind the above assembled herbs separately into smoothest particles for easier mixing with water.

You will then mix the three crushed particles together and add a reasonable amount of water in consideration with the number f your chickens.

Finally, sieve the mixture so that you are left with the liquid solution only.

You will be required to leave the liquid solution overnight and administer this home made remedy the following day. Administer this liquid solution freely to your chickens just as you administer water. This home made remedy from the three locally available herbs will highly play a great role in preventing your chickens from falling sick easily.

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